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Facebook Hides Post of Doug Ford Team Spreading Germs

We created a video to show the ridiculous actions of the Doug Ford team and posted it to our Facebook page as well as pinned it to the top. They are telling us all one thing and doing exactly the opposite. Watch these idiots spread their germs by telling us to do exactly the same thing with our masks. These clowns have absolutely zero credibility. These are the morons that have shut down small businesses and not missed a pay cheque! It’s absolutely ridiculous.

After creating the video we messaged it to Ron Phillips, Doug Fords incompetent finance minister. Not only did he not reply but he straight up blocked all further messages like a rat on the run.

Shortly afterwards our pinned post vanished from our page. I went to re pin it and it would not repin. I re shared the link and tried to repin that and it failed to repin. I then tried to repin something completely different and it would not repin. So someone at Facebook is certainly censoring shit.

So what happened? Kevin Chan, ex Liberal Staff now the head of Facebook Canada is what happened.

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