Canadians Demanding The Immediate Return of Full Operations in The House of Commons.

Canadians Demanding The Immediate Return of Full Operations in The House of Commons.

We are awake!

We would like all Canadians to sign or petition to bring parliament and the Canadian House of Commons back to order.

Justin Trudeau has suspended parliament and the House of Commons until fall because of covid-19. He claims that it is unsafe due to the gatherings this will produce. The liberal and NDP voted in favour of this motion, suspending all democratic process and debate. Meanwhile Justin Trudeau continues to conduct his morning shows & announcements with absolutely no accountability at all.

To add insult to injury he then attends a rally protest with thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder with the protesters. This is a hypocritical action when shutting down Canadian Democracy.

Signing this petition you agree that The Canadian people immediately demand the return of full operations in the house of commons.

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Vote Canada
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Latest Signatures
89 Ms Sherry W. Oct 23, 2020
88 Ms Desiree C. Oct 23, 2020
87 Ms John S. Oct 23, 2020
86 Mr Steven P. Oct 23, 2020
85 Mrs Lee B. Oct 22, 2020
84 Ms Robyn M. Oct 21, 2020
83 Ms Barb A. Oct 16, 2020
82 Mr James B. Oct 16, 2020
81 Mr Noel L. Oct 15, 2020
80 Mr Dennis C. Oct 14, 2020
79 Ms Cathy S. Oct 14, 2020
78 Mr Eugene G. Oct 13, 2020
77 Ms Karen G. Oct 13, 2020
76 Mr Dennis M. Oct 13, 2020
75 Ms Bev B. Oct 12, 2020
74 Ms Marina T. Oct 12, 2020
73 Ms Linda S. Oct 12, 2020
72 Mrs Lorie H. Oct 12, 2020
71 Ms Linda K. Oct 12, 2020
70 Ms Lois M. Oct 12, 2020
69 Ms Ryan C. Oct 11, 2020
68 Ms Daniel G. Oct 10, 2020
67 Ms Steeve M. Oct 10, 2020
66 Mr Andrew B. Oct 10, 2020
65 Mr Elroy F. Oct 10, 2020
64 Ms Cheryl F. Oct 10, 2020
63 Mr Si W. Oct 10, 2020
62 Ms Cheryl S. Oct 10, 2020
61 Ms Leena G. Oct 08, 2020
60 Mr shawn e. Oct 08, 2020
59 Mr Kenneth P. Oct 07, 2020
58 Ms Brett H. Oct 07, 2020
57 Mr steve f. Oct 07, 2020
56 Mrs Sherri M. Oct 07, 2020
55 Ms Audrey P. Sep 20, 2020
54 Mr Rick F. Sep 04, 2020
53 Ms SHERRY F. Sep 03, 2020
52 Ms noreen h. Jun 12, 2020
51 Mr Edward H. Jun 11, 2020
50 Mr Mel L. Jun 10, 2020
49 Mr Don C. Jun 10, 2020
48 Ms Colton T. Jun 10, 2020
47 Mr John H. Jun 09, 2020
46 Mrs Cindy H. Jun 08, 2020
45 Mrs Karen O. Jun 08, 2020
44 Mr Jordan M. Jun 08, 2020
43 Mr Jonathon J. Jun 08, 2020
42 Mr Jeff R. Jun 08, 2020
41 Mr Garnet L. Jun 08, 2020
40 Mr Paul T. Jun 08, 2020
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Canadian’s That Want The Republic of Western Canada

Canadian's That Want The Republic of Western Canada

Canadian\'s That Want The Republic of Western Canada

Dear Justin Trudeau.

R.I.P. Canada? We have been torn and in turmoil for years!! Times change, and so do economic climates! We have raised the cost of living so high in Canada that both parents are always at work, rather than spending time with their children. We have increased the retirement age so people must work until they drop! Why do we bend over backwards to help people from other countries while allowing our own people and veterans of war to go homeless and hungry or dependant on foodbanks?

Canada was mainly formed based on the fear of the United States attacking one of the colonies. The view was joinery of the colonies would help dissolve the fears and insecurities of the people from a US invasion if they formed a Confederation. Then along came the "Confederation Railway" that promoted the welfare and good-will of openly transported goods from coast to coast to benefit all. There was a consensus then, but those days are long gone. Too bad the special interests of a few have taken over the ideology and ultimately abandoned this sacred agreement. It has become not about the UNION anymore and hasn't been for many years. If it was, we would not be buying (primary resources) and goods from other countries when they are right here in our own backyard, nor would we be having this conversation.

Business is business!! The truth is the truth!! Westerners pay billions of dollars in equalization payments to help save a country called Canada? When in actual fact, Canada is ruled by Ontario & Quebec. They control Canada by keeping the unbalanced power and control of the senate which makes all major decisions while leaving citizens feeling beggarly and totally hopeless especially in the west. That's like letting your basement tenant run your house and tell you what to do while you live there. Maybe the tenant can have access to your bank account to buy whatever they want as well? Best of all, you keep paying the mortgage and even offering them to live for free and eat your food that you are growing in your garden! Sad to say, but this is how Canada is set up. There is a reason they want to keep the west fighting!! Hello....

The West is the SPINE and driving force of Canada! The west is the heart and soul of the Canadian Economy! However, a great divide is among us. The West feels the East has had the country under their control for far too long. Longer than most of the people alive today can even remember that's for sure! The real question they are asking now is, Why?

People all over Western Canada are waking up and saying “the party” is over!! How do we restore the balance of power and equality that Canada so boastfully makes claim to on a world stage when in fact it’s far from the truth? Canada is becoming divided to it’s very core and has many people feeling unsure of the stability and confidence once held by Canadians in the country and leaders. So, what does our future hold?

One would hope that we take immediate responsibility on these differences that divide our country and restore the balance of power and faith in the sacred agreement of “Confederation.” This is a call out of the utmost importance to unite the colonies again and revive Canada. This must be done so Canada can be successful again.

Whichever is decided, the west must first start our own gas and oil refineries. Let's stop being so lazy by giving our raw oil and lumber product away and start producing a quality finished petroleum and lumber product that we can call our own and be proud, all the while turning a fair profit and creating thousands of jobs. BC has forestry, fishing and one of the worlds largest ports!! (Perfect to import and Export all goods) BC is also known for its hydro electricity. B.C & Alberta have plenty in common, they both share some of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves on the planet. BC has roughly 3 trillion tons of natural gas and a massive LNG plant being built right now. Even though Alberta will always be known for its grit and as OIL COUNTRY with limitless potential. One thing that BC & Alberta will always have in common is the fact you will always be neighbours, so get use to it; because it always has, it always was, and always will be, whether you like it or not. Saskatchewan was always known to be the bread basket and has all the wheat in the world & has a limitless supply of oil and potash too. Manitoba is filled with oil, mines, forestry, and grain. The Territories are littered with diamonds, gold, fishing, and miles of land to explore for unlimited industry growth and future job potential.

One thing is clear, there are huge advantages for the people from both sides if these differences could be resolved. However, the root of the conflict always stems from the unbalanced power and control of money being imposed by the Federal Government, and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. There is a consensus by many Canadians that Eastern Canada has had the Western Provinces in a death grip choking off the innovation and motivation of the peoples will for purpose. The west feels like they don’t matter and have no say in how the country is steered and governed. The sad part is the west has been very patient and tolerant for over 75 years with hopes that one day things might get better and we could become part of “Team Canada.” The sad part is…all Canadians, that's right! You and I, have allowed this merry-go-round to continue year after year by voting for either liberals or conservatives, red, blue, green, orange, it’s all the same. Nothing about the present political system carries any equality that Canadians so proudly boast about. Look at the biased inequality happening at the core of the decision-making process which clearly lacks credibility and integrity within this country we call Canada. This ignorant impotence divides not only the provinces but tears the people apart too.

I’ve had many eye openers in my life but none quite as dishonorable as the election process of Canada. If you’re from any one of the Western Provinces your votes don’t matter and most times don’t need to be even counted. That’s right, the last election I literally just came home from voting and Trudeau was already voted in. It was 5:30 in the afternoon and there were still 2 more provinces left to vote and the polling stations still had hours before they closed. I can’t tell you how disappointing and upset that makes us feel in the west. The WEST has no say, the west has no voice, we are the forgotten Canadians!!

The People

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38 Mr Steven P. Oct 23, 2020
37 Mr James B. Oct 16, 2020
36 Mr Dennis C. Oct 14, 2020
35 Mr Dennis M. Oct 13, 2020
34 Ms Marina T. Oct 12, 2020
33 Ms Ashton K. Oct 12, 2020
32 Ms Steeve M. Oct 10, 2020
31 Mr Rudy V. Oct 08, 2020
30 Mr Travis M. May 18, 2020
29 Ms Brenda A. May 18, 2020
28 Mrs Shirley P. May 18, 2020
27 Ms Martha N. May 18, 2020
26 Mr Mike M. May 17, 2020
25 Mr CHRISTOPHER M. May 17, 2020
24 Ms Debbie L. May 17, 2020
23 Mrs Brenda H. May 16, 2020
22 Mr Gord B. May 16, 2020
21 Mr Patrick S. May 16, 2020
20 Mrs Marie C. May 16, 2020
19 Mr Mike Z. May 16, 2020
18 Mr Kurt T. May 16, 2020
17 Mr Brian W. May 16, 2020
16 Ms Shirl B. May 16, 2020
15 Mr Doug M. May 16, 2020
14 Ms Greg L. May 16, 2020
13 Ms Michelle M. May 16, 2020
12 Mrs Debbie W. May 16, 2020
11 Mr Bruno F. May 16, 2020
10 Mr Korry S. May 16, 2020
9 Ms Kim D. May 16, 2020
8 Ms Tammie C. May 16, 2020
7 Mr Justin F. May 16, 2020
6 Mr Aaron S. May 16, 2020
5 Mr Remi D. May 16, 2020
4 Mr Pat K. May 16, 2020
3 Ms Kimberly H. May 16, 2020
2 Mr Jonathon P. May 16, 2020
1 Mr Scott B. May 16, 2020
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Canadians That do not consent to Justin Trudeau’s new crown corporation created on May, 10. As another fraudulent “Order in Council” With no democratic debate process.

Canadian's that do not consent to Justin Trudeau's new crown corporation created on May, 10. As another fraudulent “Order in Council” With no democratic debate process.

Please help us fight back against Justin Trudeau\'s undemocratic process

Dear Justin Trudeau,

As a Canadian it greatly concerns myself that you again created a new bailout bureaucracy using an Order In Council with no democratic debate process. This is a second abuse of power using "Order in Council" Canadians would like to remind you this is unacceptable behaviour that will be tested in the courts.

The Canada Enterprise Emergency Funding Corporation was created through an Order in Council dated May 10, 2020, using a change to the Financial Administration Act which authorized the Canada Development Investment corporation to incorporate the new agency.

According to the Order in Council:

“The CANADA ENTERPRISE EMERGENCY FUNDING CORPORATION will administer, approve and fund transactions, in accordance with terms and conditions approved by the Minister of Finance, in relation to a credit support program for large Canadian companies in response to the COVID-19 emergency, effective on the day on which Canada Enterprise Emergency Funding Corporation is incorporated.”

The creation of an entirely new government department to forkout taxpayer cash to big business is a signal that the bailout and subsidy programs, along with the coronavirus lockdown, may go on for the foreseeable future.

The new crown corporation will oversee the recently announced federal aid to large employers that required companies to be “thinking about climate change” to secure government backed credit.

According to a report published in the Star, the Prime Minister’s Office clarified that “companies must “commit to publish” information about their businesses that relates to climate change every year. This includes “how their future operations will support environmental sustainability and national climate goals.”

Orders in Council are normally reserved for alterations in existing legislation or appointments. However, to avoid any House of Commons debate, Trudeau recently used the parliamentary tool to arbitrarily ban 1,500 models of popular shotguns and rifles on May 1 2020.

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151 Ms Sherry W. Oct 23, 2020
150 Ms Desiree C. Oct 23, 2020
149 Mr John S. Oct 23, 2020
148 Ms Robyn M. Oct 21, 2020
147 Ms Cori P. Oct 21, 2020
146 Mr James B. Oct 16, 2020
145 Ms Dennis C. Oct 14, 2020
144 Ms Cathy S. Oct 14, 2020
143 Ms Sharen D. Oct 14, 2020
142 Mr Kenneth P. Oct 12, 2020
141 Ms Marina T. Oct 12, 2020
140 Mr Daniel B. Oct 12, 2020
139 Ms Steeve M. Oct 10, 2020
138 Ms Cheryl F. Oct 10, 2020
137 Mr Craig R. Oct 09, 2020
136 Ms Leena G. Oct 08, 2020
135 Mrs Sherri M. Oct 07, 2020
134 Ms Audrey P. Sep 20, 2020
133 Mr Barry M. May 26, 2020
132 Mr Ken U. May 19, 2020
131 Miss Danica W. May 19, 2020
130 Mr John M. May 19, 2020
129 Mr Travis M. May 18, 2020
128 Ms Gillian H. May 18, 2020
127 Mr Lance H. May 18, 2020
126 Ms Heather P. May 18, 2020
125 Mr Robert Y. May 18, 2020
124 Mr Bill W. May 17, 2020
123 Mr John H. May 17, 2020
122 Mr Grant O. May 17, 2020
121 Mr Dennis R. May 17, 2020
120 Mr David B. May 17, 2020
119 Ms Debbie L. May 17, 2020
118 Ms Sydney L. May 17, 2020
117 Ms Cindy R. May 16, 2020
116 Mr William L. May 16, 2020
115 Mr John F. May 16, 2020
114 Mr Raymond S. May 16, 2020
113 Ms Trudy C. May 16, 2020
112 Mr Daniel T. May 16, 2020
111 Mr Keith M. May 16, 2020
110 Mr Robert M. May 16, 2020
109 Mr Mark B. May 16, 2020
108 Ms Rachel R. May 16, 2020
107 Ms Maryann H. May 16, 2020
106 Mr Peter W. May 16, 2020
105 Ms Lawrence B. May 16, 2020
104 Mr Manuel D. May 16, 2020
103 Mr Doug D. May 16, 2020
102 Mr Marty S. May 16, 2020
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