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(THE STAR News Reports) "Canadians want Biden to be the next U.S. president" Do you want Biden? Yes or No?Yes or No
Trudeau says govt has been 'open and transparent' in WE scandal investigation. Do you agree?Yes or No
Conservatives are suggesting that Parliament needs an Anti-Corruption Committee. Do you agree?Yes or No
Do the two words known as TRAITOR & TREASON accurately define our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?Yes or No
Should Wayne Easter Chairman of the Standing Committee on Finance, be investigated by the RCMP for obstructing justice in the WE Charity scandal?Yes or No
Liberal Minister Catherine McKenna refuses to apologize for past animal cruelty tourism, attending young bride auction & eating dog meat. Should she apologize?Yes or No
While parliament members want to give Canadians the big run around on the blacked out WE Charity doccuments, Should Canadian’s start flooding the courts with requests for court orders to obtain them?Yes or No
Should Catherine McKenna have to appear before the committee regarding her missing Infrastructure money?Yes or No
Should the RCMP be investigating all these scandals going on?Yes or No
Do you feel like the WE Charity Scandal has been swept under the rug lately?Yes or No

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Listed below in alphabetical order. (Be advised, Wexit has changed their name to Maverick.)
394 votes · 394 answers

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Rate Trudeau's handling of the pandemic from 0-5. Use the slider to vote.
354 votes · 354 answers

Lets see what "THE PEOPLE" of Canada say? Will Trudeau win the next election? Yes, No, Unsure?
440 votes · 440 answers
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